We are a small but growing business with Dry Docking and Slipway facilities in both East and West Cowes on the Isle of Wight,in the UK.  We specialise in repair and maintenance of  larger wooden vessels, and steel vessels up to 1000 tons in our West Cowes ‘Arctic Road Dry Dock’ where we can also provide work mooring space afloat in the yard. We have a cradle that can take 250′ on the blocks, and 40′ beam. Bow Sprits and overhangs are not a problem. Our 150 ton East Cowes slipway  in the Clarence Yard, allows us to haul vessels on two slipways, the smaller slipway can take vessels up to 8 tons, and out larger cradle can handle vessels upto 150 tons, 120 loa, 20′ beam. Our main area of expertise is in larger traditionally built wooden vessels, with our heavy equipment for the working of wood.

As well as wooden ships, we have the skills and ability to repair steel vessels too. We have coded welders on site and are prepared to undertake any job that we are challenged with,

We have great interest in historic vessels, and we like to attract traditionally rigged vessels into the yards. We will do all we can to help tall ship owners to use our facilities.

We are open to any project, from complete re-planking and structural repairs to interior fit outs, as well as spar repair and construction. We consider any job.


We have the ability to provide a large range or services, including our 1000 ton dry dock & 150 ton slipway, capable of handling vessels with a keel length of 250′ and 40′ beam.

Over the last few years, we have built up an excellent, highly skilled team who produce high quality work with great care and pride. The interesting vessels we work with draw in quality shipwrights who enjoy working on such vessels. We can provide contractors to assist with any work required, From traditional riggers and engineers ,to gold leaf work, gilding and fine interior restorations.

Spars can be produced in any size to meet your requirements, in high quality materials. Also spar repairs undertaken.

We also have our own sawmill, to provide timber for vessels in repair, giving us the ability to select the timber as we need and cut in the manner we require.


Sam Fulford


Having a great interest in smaller ships, specifically building and repair, the art of construction of vessels, and the general pleasing shapes involved,  I started the business of ‘Wooden & Steel Ship Repair’. I grew up in a boat building family around Cowes, and being inspired by the ship building and dry docks of the area, am proud to be able to continue the spirit of the great work that has been long carried out on the Isle of Wight.

I have slowly got to know a number of good people with excellent skills in this field of work, who have joined the team to allow any type of work to be completed. We have a good relationship with outside contractors who allow us to undertake all tasks, From stainless steel welding work, electrical works to traditional and modern rigging.


Excellent, highly skilled people

To allow for the varied types of work, we have an excellent team of high skilled workers who produce fine work. The work loads and urgency of projects can at times demand contractors to come join us to assist. I have found a team of trusted contractors who compliment the business.-  All are highly skilled in their fields, all doing good work.

Always looking to expand

Working space

As a growing business we are always looking for new equipment which will assist in the efficiency quality of our work, always investing in new tools etc.  We are based in Clarence Boat Yard, Clarence Road, East Cowes & Arctic Road Dry Dock, Arctic Road, Cowes,  where we have our 1000 ton dry dock & 150 ton slipway, providing all services required.

We are always looking for skilled shipwrights and steel workers to join our team. If you think you have skills that fit to out kind of work, please contact us any time, or call by and have a look at what we are doing.