Shipwright work

We specialize in larger wooden vessel repair, from entire rebuilds, to small repair and modification, to re-caulking entire vessels.


Caulking work undertaken, an entire vessel or problem areas. Caulking is a ke element of a vessels strength, and a non leaking vessel is most satisfying, especially those nasty deck leaks!Ursula

The German built ketch ‘Ursula’ , after underwater sections re-caulked,

Other works in wood

We can undertake practically any job , below show the small twin screw motor yacht, ‘Lady Gertrude’ , required  new transom to be fitted, deck repair and new ribs. The work had to be completed wit the vessel on a tidal slipway, the only facilities available. Not an ideal situation but sometimes we have to work in less than idea conditions.101New fashion pieces fitted, deck beams, etc,119Plywood transom fitted, lined with teak on the outside.

Vessel handling changes

Some times it is necessary for small changes to be made in order to increase a vessels handling ability, one example of this a particular job, to the increase the turning ability of the vessel ‘MFV119’ , we didn’t want to add the ‘fishtail’ idea to the rudder, so an increase to the leading edge of the rudder was made, with satisfactory results.Rudder

With inspection of the rudder stock at the same time….Rudder stock

Before we start

A few images of some vessels before work was started, giving some idea of the type of work we undertake….. The first is ‘MFV119’ found as a storage hulk ad Medham, on the river medina, once cleared of rubbish…MFV119 engine roomMFV119 on deckMFV119 aftNow in a more healthy state…..MFV119 at Newport



General repair

All aspects of work undertaken on any size vessel, with our own saw mill, we can cut timbers as long as possible, as often needed in hull repair, reducing the amount of plank joints as possible.  MFV119 Port

General repairs

As well as major hull repairs we can provide a repair / rebuilding service for any part of the vessel, from rebuilding cabin structures to internal refits.

A small example of some work :-

Deck house

Teak deck house undergoing repair from the once fine yacht ‘Veronica’ , deck house was saved from the vessel being broken up in Wootton creek, 1970’s?Deck house

Now restored and refitted to the trawler yacht ‘MFV119’.

Open vessel repair

Any size vessel can be repair, from small dinghies to large heavy vessels, below shows an example of a repair to an open, chine built launch, with every rib broken on the chine due to the sharp steam bending….Broken ribs

We decided the best solution was not to replace as original, with the risk of the same weakness being built in, but to replace the damaged areas with oak knees, scarphed, glues and screwed into place,Knees

With the side seats covering the repair, an immense amount of strength was obtained for this high speed vessel.