Continuing rebuilding ‘Hebe’

We are please to be able to continue with progress on the extensive rebuild of the brigantine ‘Hebe’Hebe.

After a long break from ‘Hebe’ to allow us to complete the major repair works to ‘Ursula’, we are please to be able to continue with the hull rebuild on ‘Hebe’ . With reframing work and re planking work progressing in tandem to maintain strength in the incredibly fragile hull, due to the enormous decay , we are now getting strength back into her.

‘Hebe’ is a good example of the kinds of large rebuild projects we like to do, .every trace of rot can be cut away and replaced with new timber, a vessel in what some consider ‘beyond repair’ can be easier to rebuild, and a more thorough job done than a ‘good’ vessel in commission.

With the oak we cut up on our sawmill now well seasoned and stabilized, we are re-planking the hull ……….Hebe portsideand steaming new 2″ thick oak planks around the tight curves of the stern. We have set up temporary spreaders in the hull to act as deck beams to make way for fitting the new beam shelves and deck beams etc.

A most interesting project.


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